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960,00 €

The Evoque Eco DESIGN EDITION range features a unique luxurious wood stain unavailble on all other Atacama supports. This special finish is applied by hand and inspected at every stage of manufacture by our top Atacama craftsmen to ensure the best possible finish to each indivual module. All three of the available leg packs of 145mm, 195mm and 245mm heights are supplied in a Satin Black finish (this finish is not available on standard Evoque models) so allowing the DESIGN EDITION to match our extensive range of speaker stands. Any combination of shelf modules can be used and placed on a base module up to a maximum height of 1255mm (50"). All Evoque models feature mechanical grounding via 8mm carbon steel studs through each leg and ASIST (Atacama Sonic Isolation System Technology) designed to help dampen any residual high frequency resonance. Evoque Eco DESIGN EDITION supports are hand made to order, so please allow up to 15 working days for manufacture. Evoque Eco DESIGN EDITION is made in the UK. Please note: - Bamboo is a natural material so colour, texture, grain and age may give a variable appearance to each module.

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ATAC EVOQUE ECO 24//16 BASE Módulo base de 1 prateleira 240,00 € ATAC EVOQUE ECO 24//16 145MM Módulo de 1 prateleira c/145mm 240,00 € ATAC EVOQUE ECO 24//16 195MM Módulo de 1 prateleira c/195mm 240,00 € ATAC EVOQUE ECO 24//16 245MM Módulo de 1 prateleira c/245mm 240,00 € Replacement leg pack 69,00 €


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